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Problems Related to Handwriting

Writing is very important for us all, its a means to communicate on paper to other. So its important to have a good style but its also about putting good content on the paper. But with students with dyslexia is not so easy and they tend to make mistakes.

Here is a list of Problems Related to Handwriting 

  • Strange way of gripping a pencil 
  • Does not notice errors during proofreading
  • They often get hand cramps. This is due to very tight gripping of the pencil
  • Writing slowly
  • Writes everything as one long sentence
  • Can't understand punctuation
  • Strange or unusal starting and ending points of the letters
  • Letters are not on a straight line 
  • Words may be tightly spaced or widely apart 
  • The child avoids writing whenever possible 
  • Confusion over a complete sentence
  • Copying is difficult  
  • Illegible handwriting, and takes a long time to write
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Dyslexia techniques

In todays education system dyslexia is seen as a disability and because dyslexic are a small part of the education system it difficults for school to actually help them in a organised approach. 

I believe dyslexics can be helped in a groups with simple course to guide them on using their way of thinking. Simple techniques that can make a lot of difference to the dyslexics learning ability and success in the classroom


The special dyslexia course should:-

  • What is dyslexia

Dyslexic get labeled having dyslexia, but they don't trully understand what it is because they are told its a disability. 

  • Dyslexia learning styles

Dyslexia do think differently and they learn better with differen style of learning, but dyslexics need taught these techniques

It really the same as above because it more about organising their working and thinking.


There is a need for this type of course to help dyslexic student understand:-

  • What they have

Dyslexic student need to understand they do have a few problems but they can still achieve with dyslexia. Its important to build self acceptance in learning and being themselves

  • How to use it

Dyslexics are learning in a non dyslexic learning environment but their are plenty of techniques to help them learn and by reducing their difficulties

  • Developing self acceptance

If you are told every day you have disability and that you never or reduce ability achieve you will have reduced self acceptance. So I believe its important to build a dyslexic self asteem.

In my opinion dyslexic students struggle in class because they dont fully understand how they need to use there dyslexia. 

These simple techniques can help but to make it a success school to be friendly with dyslexic and show that is a positive and not a negative. It important not to get them to go to the special needs department but special classes only for dyslexics. 

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Top 45 tips for students with dyslexia

Use coloured ink pens Do your planning on plain paper Carry 3 books with you for each subject, 1 for classeork, 1 for notes and 1 for homework Bullet points as notes Read the news paper day Watch the news every evening Listen to jazz music while studying (classical is good) Take your time If […]

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Top 10 reading tips for dyslexics

Try reading on ipad or computer if you can, this will reduce the glear from the text that you normally get from paper. When picking a book to read or paper on text, try and find pages that have larger text and spread out more.  If your eye are stressed from reading, take your time.  […]

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Dyslexia symptoms

Here is a list of symptoms in dyslexic children. Dyslexic children will not have all of them but many or some.   The child has difficult to recall the right words and sometime difficulties with sentences The child talk later than most children The child has trouble interacting with peers The child fine motor skills […]

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Dyslexia Counselling

When you hear the word councelling, you think of depression but I believe all student with Dyslexia should have Dyslexia Counselling. But the counselling I would like is more tutorial counselling, which I mean the student having special classes to understand what dyslexia is and what it means to have dyslexia.  The Dyslexia Counselling or […]

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