Managing dyslexia

As you now know from reading my blog I try to help you to learn how to manage your dyslexia. Understanding your dyslexia is key to success with it, if you understand a problem you can learn skills to work against your problems or weaknesses.

Dyslexia is a learning issue but I try to help you by making it a positive reflection of it because I believe behind every weakness there is a strenght, we need to learn your to overcome the problem and that mean learn a skill or technique and using it, otherwise know as managing it.

I here many dyslexics asking for help with there dyslexia, we as involves need to learn about ourselves and what as strenghts are and plan our lives to use our skills, no point battling against our weaknesses.

For example I did a degree course in Business, I didnt do finance degree because I am no good doing with number but I choose enterprise because I am good and find strategy easy. Yes numbers are in it but 90% of the course I could use my strenghts.

The keys to dyslexia is to learn how to manage it by learning how to use your strenghts and learning skillls/techniques to beat or overcome your weaknesses 

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