Improving dyslexia

I always get asked, how can I help improving my dyslexia, so I have decided to write this article to give you some guidance:-


eye can reduce reading ability by at least 20%, so getting tested can help make reading easier


  • get lessons

getting a special dyslexia can help you increase your learning abilities because the tutor will relearn you theskills you miss. Also the tutor will help increase your reading and spelling age.


  • read books

reading is important, dont be afraid of it, you should read on the internet, newspapers or even ebooks. Read what interests you.


  • learn new words

dyslexics often have low spelling age and dont understand difficult words. So its important to learn new words and try to use them in speaking and writing.


  • buy an ipad or tablets to help organise your life

I love my tablet because it helps me organise my life with ease. I try and find apps that help reduce my dyslexic issues.


  • learn what comes easy to yourself

i try to learn what comes natural to me and do them rather than do the things that are difficult to me. I still do the difficult things but I ty and use what come easy to me.


learning study skills can help you organise your learning. Study skills as writing reports and taking notes.


  • think positive about yourself

Just think positive about yourself, believe in you can do.


  • read the newspaper every day

reading a newspaper is good because it help you read interesting subjects and also learn from the content.

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  1. Pamela Willard says:

    I am in my late 50's and I have found that if I take time to crawl on the floor. Left hand right knee then right hand and left knee. Use my left hand to do stuff that it makes doing stuff easyer for some reason. My folks never told me I was Dyslexia. I found out when I was marrried at the age of 30. I am divorced now my husband thought I was too dumb to be married to because of Dsylexia..He thought he was too smart to be married to me. But I am able to work in a factory doing assembly work to support myself.

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